Happy New Year (2013-2014)

By Pastor Hartman

2014!  Wow…. Where did 2013 go anyway? I’ve written the wrong year several times on correspondence this year already.  I’m getting better though. All it takes is correcting it a couple of times, and I’m writing “2014.”

We greet each other, “Happy New Year!” And we truly want the best for our friends and relatives. We truly want to experience a good new year ourselves. There’s those New Year’s resolutions we write down as we determine to help make it a better year than we experienced last year:

“This year I’m going to lose weight, get in shape, read the Bible through,” and so on… You fill in the blank. But I wonder what God wants for me and for you this year?

As we begin each day, let’s start out by asking the Lord to direct us. “Lord, what would YOU have me do? I belong to You and I want to yield myself to You. Is there anyone I can help today? Is there anywhere in particular You want me to go today?  What would You have me do and say?”

As we open ourselves to God and His design for us we WILL experience a Happy New Year!

God bless each of you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
And Happy New Year God!


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