It’s Christmas time in the city, the suburbs, the country…

By Pastor Hartman

When I think of Christmas, I think of God giving His best for me, for you, for the world.
Wrapped up in that tiny bundle was a gift that didn’t lose value, and that keeps on giving.
Unwrapped, we see the supreme love of God bringing grace and truth to a lost world.
And in the face of an innocent baby we see the hope our lost innocence found again.
One can’t read the story of Christ’s birth without considering the death He was to die.

To me, Christmas wouldn’t have meaning without considering these things.
It would be an empty holiday of going fast, but getting nowhere fast.
It would be a season of purchasing presents because everyone else is, and it’s expected.
It would be a time of decorating to see if we can out-decorate our neighbors.
It would be a time to only sing songs of flying reindeer and an eternally jolly man.

Without Christ Christmas wouldn’t be merry and bright. It would be Christ-less indeed.
So, let’s remember the One who remembered us.
Let’s give our best to the One who gave His best to the world.
Let’s sing loudly those carols that release the true story to every one everywhere.
CHRIST the SAVIOR is born!  Christ the savior is born!
Yes, it’s Christmas time once again.
Praise God!


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