Get rich quick with God’s many blessings!

Dear NLS Family and Friends,

junk_mailMail, particularly junk mail, can overwhelm us at times. It comes dressed up in exclusive wrapping:

“MR. J.S. HARTMAN has been selected as one of the top finalists to win our $100,000,000.00 Sweepstakes. To be eligible, you must respond by February 15th. No purchase necessary!”

“A brand new 2015 BMW is yours MR. HARTMAN! Just bring this key down to our Showroom and if your key fits you’ll drive away in your new BMW today!”

“Mr J.S. HARTMAN, $1,000,000.00 of Life Insurance is available to you, regardless of your age or medical condition. Don’t leave your family unable to maintain your current lifestyle should the Grim Reaper come for you tonight!”

“OPEN IMMEDIATELY! Important Government Documents enclosed! You may qualify for a Home Refinance at the rate of 1%! You could save thousands on unnecessary interest costs!”

“The HARTMAN FAMILY has won a free Bahamas Cruise! No Purchase Necessary! Important Details Inside!”

We all get these IMPORTANT mailings everyday, and they look more than interesting. We are almost afraid of discarding these “certain treasures.” We tell ourselves, “I could win this time!” (Of course we don’t say that about the Life Insurance because we want to continue to live and partake of these riches ourselves.)

Winning may be possible, but it’s highly unlikely. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

To ensure ourselves of the True Treasures for Life (and Eternal Life), we must discard the junk mail and instead open the mail that comes from God every day. He stands behind every promise, and He is not slack concerning His promises. With Him, everyone can be a winner! He says what He means, and He means what He says!

So check the mail from God’s Holy Word today. It’s got YOUR NAME on it! Open Immediately! Important Details Inside! Get rich quick with God’s many blessings!

Pastor J.S. Hartman
New Life Sanctuary
Bloomingdale/Pooler, GA


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