Tax-Time is Over! Or So We Think.

Tax-time is over!  Or so we think.
But it really goes on and on and on. Buy a $1.00 candy bar and you’ll pay $1.07 (7% Georgia State Tax).  That doesn’t seem so bad.  But if you wanted to purchase a new truck, say a 2016  Ford F-150 Platinum (the top of the line), with a starting price of $59,340, your new Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT), also 7%, would come to $4,154 – to be paid up front.  Now that quite a chunk of change!
Then there’s the Federal Return. Just saying “Federal Return” can make one hyperventilate!  Ben Franklin wrote, “In this world nothing can be said that is certain, except death and taxes.” 
Tax-Time[2]_fullIRS is just not “user-friendly”. Rules are constantly changing, The burden of proof is on you. Rest assured, they will get as much as possible out of you (and your spouse, if you file jointly).    
Luke’s Gospel is not exempt regarding taxes.  (Thought you’d like that line)
Augustus, the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, ruled from 27 BC until his death in AD 14.  Luke chapter 2 tells about his decree to tax the whole world.
The new tax law required Joseph (with a very pregnant Mary in tow) to return to Bethlehem, his home of origin, to be taxed. Not only would he be taxed, but he had to make the trip back home to get tax bill!  God used this tax situation to bring Mary to the town where it was prophesied that Jesus would be born!
t600-4-8-11-TAX-CARTOON.jpgJesus was 30 years old when he began his earthly ministry.  We read in Luke chapter 5 that when Jesus saw Levi, a tax collector at work, he said, “Follow me”.  Levi left everything behind to follow the Lord.  We would have difficulty seeing anything good about an IRS employee today.  But Jesus knew and loved Levi and had a purpose in mind for his life!
Oh, how the Jews hated tax collectors.  Luke chapter 19 speaks of a curious little tax collector who climbed up in a tree to get a glimpse of the Lord. Looking up, Jesus called for Zacchaeus  to come down as he planned to spend time with him at his home.  Zach climbed down and joyfully received the Lord. The crowd wasn’t happy about the situation.  How could Jesus be a guest and eat at this horrible sinner’s home?  The Lord used this instance to reveal the depth of his love and his desire to bring salvation to the world!
  • The Lord has a purpose for everything, even taxes!
  • The Lord’s death was for all, even for IRS employees!
  • The Lord desires for everyone to be saved, even people named Zacchaeus!
No, tax time isn’t over yet – And yes, He does want us to pay our taxes!
Pastor JS Hartman,
New Life Sanctuary
Bloomingdale, GA

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