Life’s Healing Choices

We are hosting an 8-week Life’s Healing Choices class. Groups meet Saturdays from 6 to 8 p.m. (unless notated otherwise.) Life’s Healing Choices is based on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, where He gave 8 Blessings, what we call The Beatitudes. Each week of our group study is based on one Beatitude. Applying these principals in our daily lives helps us find freedom from hurts, habits and hang-ups.

What to Expect
We’ll be meeting in the fellowship house and will start with welcome, prayer and playing a worship song via iPod. After a brief introduction to the night’s topic, we will watch a 25-30 minute video by Rick Warren on the principal presented at that week’s meeting.

We will then split into two small groups (male and female) and will move into the discussion portion of the evening, facilitated by group leaders using the Life’s Healing Choices Small Group Study resource by John Baker.

How to Prepare
Prayer is Number One. Join us for family prayer twice a month on Friday evenings, and continue in your own personal prayer time. Ask God to prepare your heart to make healing choices for your life based on His Word. Commit to attending the entire 8-week program.

You may choose to purchase the Life’s Healing Choices book by John Baker, and read the chapter that corresponds with the week’s study prior to coming to the meeting. Doing so will help prepare you personally, but is not required to participate in the group or discussion. The book currently costs $11.99 via Saddleback Resources. Or you may choose to purchase the book-based study guide for $7.99 via Saddleback Resources.

Please contact Rachael Hartman with any questions you may have 318-319-6893.


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