Patterns of Light

Poetry by J.S. Hartman

I’m safe and content in the depths of my soul.

Though strong winds may howl and storm clouds may roll,

When dangers surround me, my soul knows no harm.

God carries me snug in the fold of His arm…

Excerpt from “Safely Secure” on page 36

J.S. Hartman is the founding pastor at New Life Sanctuary in Bloomingdale, Georgia. After over 19 years of Active Duty service as a U.S. Army Chaplain, Pastor Hartman and his family came to the Savannah area. Along with planting a church, he worked full-time as a hospice chaplain at Hospice Savannah. He is now fully retired from pastoring and chaplaincy. He retired from the military as an LTC.

He often shares his poems and many say they bring them comfort during difficult days of transition and loss. During sermons, Hartman occasionally recites his poems to encourage his congregation in their faith.

J.S. Hartman holds a Master’s of Divinity from Saint Thomas University, a Bachelor’s of Theology from Texas Bible College, and is an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International.

Patterns of Light, ISBN: 978-0-9894070-6-9

For more information on Patterns of Light, or J.S. Hartman, contact him directly at


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