It’s Party Time! A Pancake Party!

stack-of-pancakesThis Sunday we will come together for a Pancake Lunch. As we bring the items we signed up to bring, it will all come together: Pancakes (with various toppings), Eggs, Juice, Milk, Coffee… and so on. I’m looking forward to it. You probably are too.

What is this church and food thing? Somehow they go together. They always have!

Jesus gathers his disciples together to share a meal. “This is my body. This is my blood, given for you. Take, eat, and remember me!”

You don’t eat with just anybody, you eat with family and friends.
Eating is necessary to sustain life. When you stop eating, you die.
Eating alone can be a real drag. Eating with friends can create memories that last.

It’s party time! There’s friends, family, fellowship and fun! Time to celebrate!

A groom and a bride, a wedding. A family is formed!
A wayward son comes home. A father is overjoyed!
The disciples come to shore. Jesus has fish on the fire!

It’s party time at NLS! It’s time for the family to gather together!

There’s a seat for you and me!
There’s spiritual food and natural food!
And best of all, Jesus will be there!

See you at the party!

Pastor JS Hartman
New Life Sanctuary


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